meet the new gap brand

posted on August 2019 by matthew smith, marketing executive


There are approximately 40,000 recruitment agencies operating within the UK; in a market where being real, accountable, and truly consultative is a scarcity, we decided it was time to take another look at our culture and values to understand what makes gap, gap. Over the last year, we have redefined our vision, mission and values to encompass every aspect of our business, and to be applicable to every one of our people; clients, candidates and colleagues alike.


We were determined to move the ambition statement away from financial and growth targets which had previously dominated our vision statements. Our vision isn’t to reach a specific turnover, or grow by a particular percentage, but to become people’s first choice in an industry where there is a lot of choice! We truly believe that by upholding our people-centric core values in everything we do, all of our people will be proud to be associated with us, and any financial or growth target becomes achievable.

“To become the first choice recruitment partner by developing a brand that our customers, candidates, and employees are proud to be associated with.”


Our core purpose of providing a true recruitment partnership has been at the centre of our business since inception; however, our business had changed dramatically since our previous mission statement had been communicated. Our geographical reach had expanded, we had new specialist divisions, our service offering had evolved, we had a new parent company, and acquisitions planned – it was time to realign our purpose to reflect the business we had become.


“Through real people providing real solutions, our customer and candidates experience a true recruitment partnership.

As a national provider with local presence, we are proud to deliver ethical and flexible employment solutions, accredited training, and people development.”


When looking at our values it was not a case of deciding ‘what’ they were, but finding the right terminology to define the values that already existed within our business. Every employee in our company was invited to participate in this part of the project and it did not surprise the project team that the same themes appeared time and time again. There is a very strong sentiment within gap personnel group that ‘people’ are at the centre of everything we do. These principles guide us in our day to day operations and help us work towards our vision of being a recruitment partner that all people are proud to be associated with.

Consultative People 

gap is with you every step of the way – you can feel confident that everything we are doing is in your best interest; we’re not “yes” people, we want to offer our expertise, even if that means a difficult conversation.

Accountable People 

 A culture of responsibility, defining and agreeing expectations, and being held accountable against them.

Real People 

We are not a faceless organisation, we are a group of people who work on a national basis across a range of sectors, but all towards a common goal. No jargon, no hard sales – let’s have a real conversation about your needs and how we can help.

Ethical People 

Peace of mind through ethical and compliant practices, for clients, candidates, and employees.

​i-CARE programme

We appreciate that our vision, mission and values are more than words – and we intend to uphold that through our i-CARE programme. This not only supports our internal teams in remembering our core values, but promotes continuous improvement across each of them with a view to delivering against our mission, and achieving our vision through every day operations:

I – Improvement
C – Consultative People
A – Accountable People
R – Real People
E – Ethical People


So, what is unique?

The recruitment industry so often suffers from a poor reputation surrounding hard sales tactics, transactional business relationships, and treating people as a commodity; we believe this project has demonstrated that any pre-conceived notions of the recruitment industry couldn’t be further from the culture of our business. In a sector where genuine innovation and differentiation are uncommon, we have embraced our people as our USP.

Our network of branches, onsite managed service operations, specialist recruitment divisions, and training solutions are now brought together under a unified culture that was identified by our people, not dictated by senior management.  We’ve created a brand that stands strong and proud in a market where so many agencies are trying to stand out, providing the right foundation for continued growth over the coming years.

Our vision, mission and values put people at the centre of everything we do; their wellbeing, their satisfaction, and ultimately their journey with us. By empowering our own people to establish recruitment partnerships based on our core values, we are not promoting features of our service, but having real, consultative conversations to understand how we can offer ethical solutions and accountability.

We are confident in achieving our vision of becoming the first choice amongst the 40,000 – we genuinely are real people, building real relationships, to provide real solutions.