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posted on May 2020 by gap technical


How we are supporting you through COVID-19

Our number one priority from the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic has been everybody’s safety. That’s our clients, and candidates and employees. Here’s what steps we’ve taken and how we’ve been adapting to the situation:

  • Rolled out remote recruiting across the business so all our consultants are interviewing and assessing the needs of candidates virtually and safely from home.
  • Consistently communicating with and briefing our workers so they understand the exact hygiene rules and two-metre social distancing regulations they must follow in the workplace. We have also issued numerous medical questionnaires to ensure workers categorised as vulnerable are quickly identified.
  • Advising workers to inform us straight away if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or live with anyone who has symptoms. This is so we can ensure they don’t go to work and place themselves into self-isolation.
  • Setting up a free worker support line (this was set up pre-COVID-19) so they can discuss any issues they may have e.g. if they’re anxious or scared about attending work, worried about money concerns etc.

COVID-19 information for workers and employers

For the latest information, we’d advise everyone keep up to date with these official Government and NHS links:

Thank you and stay safe,
gap technical