international week of happiness at work 2020

posted on September 2020 by gap technical

international week of happiness at work

What makes gap employees happy at work?

The 21st - 27th September 2020 is International Week of Happiness at Work, a campaign highlighting the importance of employee happiness and why it should be a top priority in all companies. We couldn't agree more so to celebrate, we asked our team what makes them happy working at gap personnel group.

 Elly Clow, Area Manager, gap professional:
"I genuinely love my job. My colleagues, clients and candidates are my friends, and every day is different. Recruitment is a rollercoaster, and no other job could provide the same highs. I'm part of an amazing team and making a huge difference to people's lives is priceless."

Helen Mathews, Regional Sales and Client Relationship Manager:
"Having worked at gap for nearly 10 years, I enjoy being part of an organisation that's grown so much since I started, but still retains and reinforces its company values.  Gap has grown fivefold and there is still a family feel throughout the business. Individuals are rewarded and recognised for their efforts and everyone is recruited against the core values which means you are working with like-minded individuals.  I enjoy the variation of the roles I have carried out since joining the business and feel excited for the future."

Aaron Hiscock, Business Development Manager: 
"I love that our team is made up of good, honest, genuine people who all work hard for each other. New clients also make me happy, knowing we are changing their recruitment experience for the better."

Noemi Molnar, National Resourcer:
"I love working at gap because I'm treated as a family member. Our Manager is approachable, looks after us and ensures everything is going well. It's great being on board!"

​Daniel Daley, Lead Videographer and Photographer:
"The people are the reason I love my job. I regularly visit our different branches to take photos and videos, and everyone is always so friendly and welcoming. I continuously walk away from shoots thinking "that office seems like a cool place to work."

Natasha Thomas, UK Sales Director
"gap is full of people who care about the service we provide, how we treat one and other and who always strive to be the best they can. The culture enables people to be real and have honest conversations. Happy employees lead to happy clients."

Jon Hayes, Business Development Manager

"Working at gap is fun and vibrant. We have amazing core values, and its a company I’m proud to say I work with. Through the toughest of times, we came together and achieved great things."

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