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Our recruiters specialise in five sectors within the technical sector; engineering, scientific, quality, trades and IT. ​Let us help you on your journey.

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    With engineering jobs making up 19% of the UK's total employment, we understand the importance of placing the right engineers into the right roles. From young, aspiring engineers to those who have worked in the industry for years, we've successfully recruited hundreds of candidates and as a result, played a pivotal role in the operational and commercial success of engineering departments across the UK. Our client portfolio includes leaders in the medical device, aerospace, automotive, food, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging and manufacturing sectors.

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    Our scientific consultants work collaboratively with the likes of pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies. Combining our industry knowledge with our consultative approach has enabled us to build a pool of candidates who harbour the skills and creativity required for a successful career in science. By working with us you’ll be able to apply for some of the most exciting vacancies within the industry, or hire some of the best science professionals in the business.

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    There are plenty of trades out there – and they are integral to the success of so many sectors, from construction and facilities, to maintenance and repair. We cover a wide range of trades disciplines, and are passionate about matching honest, reliable candidates to sites and workshops in need of these vital skill sets.

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    Our consultants recruit for many roles within the quality industry including management, control, validation and inspection. That means whether you’re one of our clients or a candidate looking to land your dream job in the industry, our team fully understand the skillset needed to make the quality arm of your business, or your career in the industry, a success. 

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