With engineering jobs making up 19% of the UK's total employment, we understand the importance of placing the right engineers into the right roles. From young, aspiring engineers to those who have worked in the industry for years, we've successfully recruited hundreds of candidates and as a result, played a pivotal role in the operational and commercial success of engineering departments across the UK. Our client portfolio includes leaders in the medical device, aerospace, automotive, food, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging and manufacturing sectors.

what types of jobs are there in engineering?

The most typical engineering positions we recruit for include:

  • Engineering Manager / Head of Engineering / Chief Engineer

  • Project Engineering / Project Manager

  • Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical / Electrical / Multi-skilled)

  • Design Engineer / Draughtsman

  • Process Engineer / Engineering Process Manager

  • Manufacturing Engineer / Continuous Improvement

  • Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation (EC&I)

  • Commissioning / De-Commissioning Engineers

  • Systems Engineer

  • Facilities Engineer

  • Application Engineer / Sales Engineer

what qualifications do I need?

For many roles, you must have formal qualifications such as a completed apprenticeship, HNC or degree  in engineering or a closely related subject. However, the specifics can vary on a case by case basis so you should make sure that you properly review job descriptions before applying.

Our consultants are happy to talk through your skillset, aspirations and all opportunities that match your expectations. So call us on 0330 088 3744.

what skills do I need?

To be a successful engineer, you need to be able to:

  • work well in a team
  • control budgets and be financially aware
  • work under pressure
  • solidly understand engineering principles
  • understand health, safety and regulatory compliance requirements

To discuss engineering opportunities please contact our team