labour market and EU

The labour market is constantly shifting and changing in reaction to what’s going on in the political sphere (particularly around Brexit), any new legislation, and UK business productivity in general. All of these factors are contributing to an ongoing squeeze to find the right candidates – with the right skills – for our clients’ businesses. We can help you understand what’s going on and make recommendations to position your business as an attractive employer in the market.

As well as our UK operations, we have created and successfully grown our specialist division, gap EU, to help overcome labour market challenges. Operating in Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, gap EU work with our UK teams to fulfil client requirements in a way that is entirely tailored to their needs.

how does it work?

The gap EU team are split across Europe and the UK. Our Europe teams carry out focused recruitment campaigns to identify skilled candidates who are looking to relocate to the UK for work. Coordinating with the UK team, the best candidates transfer to the UK, protected by our strict compliance procedures concerning relocation as recognised by our Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) licence, and on successful assessment by our clients they begin work for a minimum term of three months to ensure it is a sustainable outcome for the candidate.

what industries do you cover?

As industrial specialists, the EU candidates we attract are typically skilled workers with a background or experience in furniture assembly, automotive, healthcare, drivers, welders, and butchery roles. These are the industries suffering the biggest shortage of staffing in the UK and working with our EU team gives our clients an innovative resourcing strategy to overcome this challenge.